Gold Bubble Clothing Review

This has been a long disappointing ordeal.  It started with the announcement of the Black Friday Sale and the hyper limited Frozen inspired collection.  I really love Anna, and I loved the Anna inspired coronation skirt.  On the website the print almost looked like it had actual embroidery.

November 30: So we ordered a day before the sale ended.  They had announced guaranteed by Christmas delivery. So it was going to be a nice splurge Christmas gift, it was on sale I wasn’t paying full price and they seemed to have good reviews.  Then began the wait.  I was patient at first because any day up until Christmas eve is before Christmas.

December 24: Once the mail came Christmas eve I really started to get upset.  This was supposed to be delivered in time for Christmas.  That was when we sent our first message to the Facebook page. We told that as far as they were aware (they have a social media staff member that handles the Facebook), all the Black Friday items has been shipped and were in the hands of USPS. So then we start to think it’s just a USPS delay, that’s happened before to us.  We might just get it a day or two after Christmas, not their fault, no big deal.

December 31: We message again, still no sign of package.  Even if we would go by the normal time period listed on the site of 2-4 weeks the skirt should have arrived by then. That’s when we are told they are trying to verify information, and they ask to confirm the address on the order. (Order # was given in first message).

January 2: We got a message back that it usually takes 24-48 hours for them to hear from the team in LA. We sent another message on January 5th to check back in.  More than the 24-48 from when the LA was supposed to have been contacted. We were told they backed up and we’ve be hearing something soon.

January 6: We request an update again

January 7: A reply saying that team sent out a bunch of orders that day, and she was waiting on Google doc to see if our order # was on the list. There was also the offer of a gift card if our order was on that list, to make up for everything.

January 13: We get a message saying we should have a shipping confirmation in our inbox.  And sure enough it’s there.  Label printed.  At one point it was mentioned on the Facebook wall that they use two day shipping, but this was back in December when they still had the promise of “by Christmas.”

January 20: My order arrives, finally. Now for the final sad, comical part of this.  I finally get my skirt almost a full month after Christmas.  I open it up and looks a bit small, but so do some of my leggings.  That’s what spandex is for, right? So I go to put it on expecting the stretch, but there’s no stretch at all to the waist of the skirt.  No give at all. I call over my daughter and ask her to try it on.  She does and it fits her perfectly, no need to stretch.

DSC01164 DSC01165

My daughter is 9, she’s tall for age but still thin.  She has to wear a belt or have an adjustable waist band in all of her pants because I need to buy a bigger size for the length.  Really she could wear a Child size 7 or 8 if length wasn’t an issue.  This is supposed to be a women’s small.  I measure around the inside of the skirt and it comes to about 25″ which is about what they list of the waist of an extra small but even then I’m not sure how they are expecting that to get over 35″ “low hip” if it doesn’t stretch. Got my measurements from the legging but looked up the page for the skirt and they only list the waist but still a small is supposed to be 28″ vs the xs 25.” I have four pairs of leggings from 2-3 different companies and I wear a small, based on how this skirt fit I’d probably need anywhere from a L-XXL but since there is stretch it probably wouldn’t fit properly anyway. Also I wasn’t bowled over by the quality either.  The fabric photographs better than it looks and you can see some of the stitches in the seams peaking like it’s been stretched to far for too long.


So all in all, I spent a bit too much and waited far too long to get a skirt for my daughter.  We also got no gift card but maybe the clutch included in the bad is supposed to be the “oops our bad” gift.  Doesn’t really matter because after this experience I’m not going to be ordering again.


I’m finally getting back into the swing of things with school.  We’ve had a few days of full schedules. With the exception of yesterday I’ve filled in all six blocks of my log.  But so far I still feel like I’m getting all the subject in that I need to.  We finished All About Reading level 1 today, so we’ll probably be jumping right into level 2 tomorrow. I’m keeping our hiatus from spelling going until February.  I still need to schedule writing and typing for this week though.  For right now I think I’ll only push for one journal entry a week.  There is plenty of writing that comes with the other subjects.  And typing can be once a week too.

We finished reading only about a week and half behind schedule, which honestly is better than I thought it would be after the December break.  I felt really behind going into the break. I still feel very behind with science but that’s easy to get ahead in.  We always spend extra time on animals and then go through some of the units more quickly.  Mostly because there’s less to cover and less interest in those subjects.

I have been slacking with my knitting, because these tiny needles and extra thin yarn make the whole thing tedious. I’m also putting off finishing because I’m nervous about the embroidery.  I changed the chart and I worry it won’t work out right now.  I will have to get there eventually though.

I’ve also been slacking with my art.  I keep thinking of ideas to sketch and to draw, trying new things I then I just don’t.  I need to get on a better schedule with that too.  Right now I have the simple goal completing something once a month. I really need to get on that though because I’m half way through the month with nothing to show for it.

Art thoughts

I think I just figured out how to have more success with my portraits of other people.  I think I’m taking on too much right night.  I’m taking these macro self portrait shots and then trying to switch to something conventional when working on someone else.  I then have to split my focus and I get lost in the whole process of mapping all the details.  I think I need to take back the process of working on portraits of other people, I need to work on some really great detailed close ups.  I may even try to recruit some of the family for reference photos.  They will be all gathered around for a Christmas party soon.  I’ve also been thinking about “Portrait of a Memory” and I had a lot of success with that mixed media piece.  I really enjoy how that turned out and I might want to start exploring some unconventional portraits in more than one way.

I also need to go through edit my website.  I have a few pieces that it’s just their time to go, and I have some that just don’t fit anymore. I also have one piece currently up that no longer exists because it evolved into something else. I need to get my camera out and start experimenting again.  I haven’t created in so long now, mostly because I fell in love with a reference then fell out of love with it.  I think I may need to revisit it later, once again I think I took on too much.  I don’t have any references I’m feeling inspired by but maybe I need to look at some of them closer, or just get the camera out and try something new.

Sick days

There is so much that annoys me about this article:

The whole thing discounts so much.  With the sick kids, I’ll agree the kids with pink eye and strep should not be a play place you have to pay to get into.  You are not required to be there for any reason stay home, and those two are some of things you can usually get a doctor’s note for which makes the schools a bit more lenient with missing days.  Which brings me to my first point this article acts like at the first sign of a runny nose, or cough you should keep your child home or stay home.  Now there a bunch of problems with that, and one starts at the school.  Many schools have a limit on how many days you, miss too many grades start getting lowered, or cps is contacted. If your child spends most of the winter in some way sick that’s a lot of time to miss. Now the second layer of this is for younger kids someone has to stay with them, now for middle to upper class this might not be a deal.  You hire a sitter, take time of work, or you are a stay at home parent problem solved.  You have someone to sit home with your little angel. There are some people though that can’t afford the sitter or the day off from work.  Also what happens when that illness inevitably spreads to you.  If you’ve already taken time of to care for your child so they didn’t spread it to anyone else you now have to take time off so you don’t spread it around the office. Of course this all if you have the time off to take, sometimes people run out of sick days, it gets frowned upon if you take too many in a row.  Some people try to call in and get a lecture for why they should come in anyway, because really “how sick can you be?”

I had a job once where I was vomiting in the bathroom there, and when I said I needed to go home, I was told if they couldn’t find coverage for my shift I would have to stay.  I worked a register, they seemed to think me vomiting on the counter in front of customers would be ideal. In high school I also came into school sick because I had teachers telling us if we miss too many days we’ll fail but of course don’t come in if you are sick we don’t want to get sick.  Now would spend most of my winters sick. My parents had a rule of if you are not vomiting you go to school. It was supposed to be better if you showed up and got sent home by the nurse, but especially in high school I could only miss a certain number of classes before I would fail.  So if I missed too many of a late afternoon class that’s automatic fail.

Some people don’t have the time to take off, best idea is if you are sick, sanitize everything you touch and wash your hands, and if you work with someone that’s sick sanitize everything you touch and wash your hands.  Wash your hands anyway it’s a good habit to have.

Homeschool review

I know the review is at least a month away, if not more.  I haven’t even gotten the letter yet.  But the prospect of the review is always looming. I’m worried I’m not creating enough solid work to show at the review.  Science has been a lot of reading recently. I keep a log of all the reading, but I’m still worried I won’t have enough to show.  I also just realized I’ve completely forgotten about health.  Though the public schools seem to count health as cells and we’ve done that.  I’ll just print out another quiz or two from BrainPop jr this month. That should help a bit.

School still hasn’t gotten fully into a good swing.  I have some firm goals set for us, now we just have to buckle down and get too it.  It’s hard though because it seems like things keep coming up.  The latest, we have a cold working it’s way through everyone in the house.  We have an appointment on a school day next week, one that is guaranteed to blow my whole day. Today we’re getting a late start so I’m just hoping to get something done.

I’m hoping to do some drawing later with Mini Riceball.  I want to do the colored pencil challenge from a forum, and I’m going to try to get Mini Riceball to do it with me.  I have to make time for it.

Right now school is getting started without me, thanks to the latest audio book she’s listening to.  She’s really into the Spirit Animals series.  I like the diversity of the main characters in that series.  II was looking for a list of diverse fantasy book for upper elementary/middle grades and I’m only finding lists that include high school age.  Nothing exclusively for the younger set.  I want more diverse books for her but I want them to be age appropriate.  I also need them to be in audio book form and preferably at the library.  The audio books are really helping her get excited about books, and her reading has been steadily improving.  The audio books may be helping with that, or at the very least she’s being less miserable about reading because of them now. We both have separate Good Reads accounts, and my to-read list is steadily growing as I search for more books for her.  Every time I find something a bit too mature or that I’m unsure about I can add it to my list.

I need to make more time for my art, last night I started looking at reference photos again and I really should sketch.  Though I think I made a mistake of buying such a tiny sketchbook.  Mini Riceball and I both need new sketchbooks. Mine is tiny and hers is full.  This time we’ll decorate her cover.  I always meant to do that with her last one but then she filled it unexpectedly. At least I’ll have some art to show at the review.

Keeping organized

I’m still having a hard time getting into the full school schedule.  I have the schedule written out, it’s doable, but it’s just getting us motivated together. I’m already off to a late start today, but school is starting.  I’m actually tying this up while Mini Riceball listens to her audio book.  It’s a good way to start the school day. There is so much to feel good about though with school right now.  Mini Riceball has her own Good Reads account now, and has more books on her to-read list than I do.  I’ve tried to find some diverse books to add to that list too.  She’s also excited about reading the books.  I’m also planning to start a read aloud with a Magic Tree House book to go with our study of Rome. It will also give us a chance to find out if either of us like Magic Tree House.

I feel behind with science but science has never been hard to catch up on.  It’s been easy to get lost in too though but I just need to make sure I stick to the schedule.  Then I can also focus on Rome too. I set up the printer for wireless printing.  So now I can just print things as we do them from anywhere in the house. It feel help keep the flow going.  I just need to buckle down and get some work done.

Today I think I’ll try for a full day’s schedule and maybe even make up for some work not done by throwing a bit of extra in.  We’ll see how it goes.  I sometimes loose steam after lunch.

I’m almost finished with Christmas hats.  Which is great because that gives me time to maybe do some extra projects for friends and maybe work on a Yule gift of two for Mini Riceball.

We have started up with our full schedule for school and it’s going well when we get up on time.  I can get everything done on the schedule for the day.  Trying to cram everything into a morning schedule when we oversleep is not ideal.  Of course I have this rule that I won’t wake up Mini Riceball unless I have to, and quite honestly I’d rather add a bit extra into one of our available full days than wake her up.  We are a bit ahead in Math right now, it feels early to be in Chapter 2, which feels awesome but should also mean that we can do a day off in Math.  We are getting close to the end of our history curriculum too. Thinking short term I’m really excited about what we are working on and have some fun projects planned.  Long term I’m not sure where to go next, I’m not sure if we should just continue on into medieval times, or take the time to work on US history or just review what we covered with some important historical figures. I’m not sure. If we continue to work through chronologically then I have the choice of using the next level of mosaic or just using the book as a spine and moving forward with that.  I’m only loosely using Mosaic now, but I have gotten a lot of ideas from using it and I’m trying to recreate the format a bit while substituting my own resources.

Homeschool picture day

Since we don’t have school photos, and even if we did I probably wouldn’t buy them.  I don’t like the backgrounds and they rarely do anything interesting.  Considering we’ve entered the age of forced, crazed smile the moment you see a camera I can only imagine the photos the school would be expecting me to spend an obscene amount of money on.  Anyway we started out doing studio photos at department stores and that fell apart for us 3 years ago or so.  The experience was terrible and the photos weren’t the best.  Still though the photos on or near Mini Riceball’s birthday are now a tradition and I like having my annual photos.  So I started to do them myself.  I was able to get set from vacation photos one year, then last year we made a special trip to the park for photos.  This year I kind of scrambled to find time to take photos when all my plans kept falling apart due to weather and lack of cooperation.  Finally I’ve gotten some great photos and even got a few that work the student ID I’m making.  In this state we get a letter to verify we homeschool so the student ID isn’t really for anything.  Calvert sent them to me when we bought the whole curriculum then last year I used HSBC ID.  I just like collecting them.  So this year I’m making my own and it looks like we’ll have a Princess Leia cosplay photo for the ID photo.  I suppose that should be a “you know you’re a homeschooler when…” moment. I’m also trying to now narrow down the photos I have into a particular number that will frames I have on the wall.

Goodreads debate

Mini Riceball recently got an email account, mostly because we needed to create a psn account for her to retrieve her game saves. Otherwise she still wouldn’t have an email or an online account with Playstation. Though now that she has the email account I’m seeing other things that I can do.  I could create a separate Goodreads account for her.  She could have all her reviews as the main reviews, the stars would more accurately reflect her opinions rather than mine.  It would also free up my account, I could add some shelves/labels to reflect what I’m reading with her, but I wouldn’t have to sacrifice books from my read list to add to her to-read list. It might be what’s best.  If she wants to create a new account later with a new email that should work out fine. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to manage two Goodreads accounts.


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